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Hello, New york

That's where most of my mail seems to go these days...and a few rarer locations.  Thank goodness for agencies that accept e-mail submissions, but I believe placing a hardcopy in someones hands makes a better impression.  Results?  I won't say, just in case an agent with a suspecting eye wants to see if I've already been rejected a hundred times.  You never know.
   If literary agencies don't want me, then it's straight to the publishing houses.  After that I'm on my own. This book will be in print, and the time is getting closer...believe it or not.  A writer without an audience is a torment worthy of Dante's Inferno. (of course, so is reading a lousy book)

Time to Submit

Just an update.  Lucky agents out there are receiving queries, synopsis', and partials; whatever it takes to get a foothold.  The book is ready for its debut, whenever that will be...