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100 !

Here's an update I began to doubt -- Book four, Outcast Alliance series is 100 pages and growing. Actually, I cheated, since this one already has the glossary attached, but 100 is 100.  Now for a name.
I have to admit, by chapter six I should have a book title -- even a little something to hold me over until the right one comes along.  But nope. No title.

So far I've bounced around between two different scenarios and sets of familiar characters.  Now which storyline comes out on top?  We shall see.  I'll figure it out soon enough -- just another moment of inspiration like the ones that have taken me this far.  And as for a snippet?  Too revealing at this point. (more disappointment)

So go on with your lives -- one day book four will arrive with a blare of trumpets (and a proper title) and your anticipation will be well rewarded.  I'm going to bed...