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Time to stop...

Sometimes it is a good thing to stop and let nature take its course. No matter what you are doing, get your head out of the sand, work, TV, or whatever, take a breath and smell the flowers. Created things are there for the taking, figuratively speaking, while we worry about our phones and gadgets. Just a break in the action can be enough to recharge and put life in perspective. It's a simple thing, like a walk, even in the backyard, to clear the mind, heart, soul. Makes for better writing too...


Kindle sale

Nature's way

Somewhere in the lull between work, television, and facing the computer, it's nice to see nature's way has few to compare. I imagine few books capture such a sight adequately as the shifting fronts on Ormond beach that June day. (well, maybe Genesis)  That's always the challenge: impart the feeling only nature can give. I think Tolkien did it very well, and even Jane Austen when she set up a chapter. I believe it requires a bit of patience and trusting in the words -- AND re-writing. Not every storyteller composes with nature's perspective in mind, but as you can see by the picture, what a setting for a fantastic chapter. Happy reading and writing...

Creating in retrospect

I was pretty happy to see that Kindle sale of Book One the other day, because it had been a while. Just to think some stranger is reading my work is a dream come true, and it offers me a sense of responsibility. People want their money's worth, and time is money. I have to think my efforts, although not perfect, (hence the four-stars out of five) will be worth the time for fans of epic fantasy. It is when the non-fantasy reader enjoys my story that it really confirms I did something right.

Maybe that is the lesson for newbie writers like me -- not everyone is going to like your story, but a surprising few others will. But even here it gets strange. I feel like that painter that paints, but his/her works rarely sell and sit in piles about their studio.
People ask me how many books have sold, and I have to say, I don't really know.
A bunch through Createspace; some through friends and family; and even those unusual sales my mom seems to dredge up from perfect strangers. I've…