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Happy Holidays!

90K and counting...

90,000 words in and the novel is forging ahead. How much longer? Never an easy question. A few more chapters should do it. Then the Prince of the Furies will be ready. Well, almost. Editing and putting together that dreaded promised glossary are still ahead, but it will work out fine in the end. And oh yes, one more map. Yikes! Thank you for your patience. 
   Also, for those who have not read Passage of the Acolyte, books one and two, I have some ideas to get books into your hands. Maybe a Black Friday sale? Kidding aside, I will look into getting kindle books for FREE, and selling the hard copies as low as I can manage it -- even if I have to sell them myself. Keep you posted.

Here, there, everywhere

Ah, the memories. The books came out early '11 and haven't looked back since. OK, that sounds a little silly, but I can say "Passage" came out I have looked mostly to the future (and that future would be 1654 A.E). Another year and lots of changes.

Here's another snippet from Book three, "Prince of the Furies":

A sapphire sky greeted them at the crest of a stony gap between taller peaks – Mount Kalia in the north and Mount Tullia in the south, a mother and daughter, wife and kin of Turrult himself who tamed this land. Beneath their stares, the valley of Karn spread out green and wide; the village perceptible as a tiny hamlet in the middle of forests and bare mounded hills. It was then Andro recalled the fire they had seen from the village.
“There should be evidence of such a thing. It had to be a grand blaze indeed,” he said.
   “If there is evidence, we shall find it soon enough,” replied Turran as they finished the last portion of the ascent. Before …