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New Review of Book two

4.0 out of 5 stars Hopefully not the last word of Vargo's world ...!, April 25, 2011

By Edward_Williamsport - See all my reviewsThis review is from: Passage of the Acolyte: Part Two (Paperback)

Part Two of "Passage of the Acolyte" opens with Greynol and his party continuing their travels southward toward their destination. The fiery creature, which made several troublesome appearances in the first volume, attacks them once again, forcing them from their intended road. A legendary path becomes an escape route and an introduction to a most interesting figure.

Their newly found, but very ancient friend is a strong, wise, and earthy character who not only helps them on their way, but through his conversations further develops Vargo's world, fleshing out more of the back-story. Additionally, the conversations and settings allow the reader to finally get to know Drago and Zerrin who come into their own in this volume.

The party comes to the end of their fascinating det…

Indie Publishing, meet Indie Bookstores

Yep, the slow grind of self-marketing continues, and the spiderwebs keep lookout.  Took a trip into Northwestern Pa, and it really is God's country.  Found some wonderful bookstores; and yes, they knew I was coming.  Despite the cost of gas, I feel really good about seeing my books on actual shelves.  I'm nowhere near done with this, and sooner than later, will hit the bigboys (B&N, books-a-millon, Borders, ect) and they all have their requirements.  Actual paperwork. Yuck.  I'll let the Indie thing take hold first.

The most noticeable thing about these Indie stores, without exception, are the friendly people that work there; owners usually, and a cat or two.  And lots of good conversation.  Funny how book-lovers make such nice people.  Rosie's in DuBois had comfy outdoor furniture, inside; and it was so nice when the owner, Sherry, invited us to sit and chat.  Mary at Book Nook in Punxsutawney was a wealth of information.  And Kathlyn, who owns the in…

New Review

4.0 out of 5 starsNew Fantasy from James Vargo, April 12, 2011 By  Edward_Williamsport - See all my reviews This review is from: Passage of the Acolyte: part one (Volume 1) (Paperback) Vargo's initial volume of his fantasy tale "Passage of the Acolyte" goes a long way on delivering on the new author's rather bold promise to spin a tale reminiscent of Tolkien's Middle Earth. We are immediately introduced to the main character Greynol, a retired cleric who receives a disturbing message from lands far to the south. The message, in the form of a scroll, mysteriously unsealed and literally cursed by blood, calls the elderly Acolyte out of his comfortable situation and into a redemptive quest.
Rather quickly, the reader is then acquainted with a group of young men, friends and kin from the lands of the north of Vargo's millieu, all coming of age and looking for adventure and deeds to prove themselves. A chance encounter eventually leads them to Greynol who is looking f…