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What, me worry?

A blogpost can be an intimidating thing.  I must have something pertinent to say -- or awe-inspiring, glorious, or just downright timeless.  Or if a book update, it better say something incredible like -- Book Four coming out tomorrow: NY Times already calls it the greatest achievement of the twenty-first century!  Yeah, not quite there yet.

Another fear of the dreaded book blog:  it clearly means I've been writing.  Right?  Well, not exactly.  I suppose saying it's been on my mind lately won't help; or everything has its season; or the complexities of starting a new job endeavor has robbed me of my story-telling qualities.  So no more excuses.  But it has entered my mind more and more, and that's a good thing.  My short prelude is done, and part of the first chapter, but now I am getting ideals on the next step -- the next several steps.  I've known the beginning and end of each book in the series for a while now, but there is much to say in-between.  Those times…

Time to move

If you read advice of better writers you'll learn things like; writers write every day, writers keep specific schedules, writers are only writers if they earn long lists of achievements and degrees, and most emphatically, writers write to sell.  Darn.

It's been many months since the release of the Prince of Furies, and it never sold.  I can't count family and friends, because they shouldn't be numbered among regular readers -- sorry folks.  I'm proud of this book, being third in the series, and consider it my best, but...

Passage of the Acolyte, in it's two parts, sold a few copies over the years -- and several giveaways put it in the hundreds worldwide.  Yes, hundreds -- not earth-shattering.  I hoped some of these good folks would return, leave comments, tell me it was a wonderful read, it sucked, or don't bother me with this Fantasy stuff.  Silence.

I'm catching on to the sign of the times.  Tweets, twitter, blurbs, fast this -- fast that.  Heck, eve…

Yeah, it's been a while, but Prince of the Furies is finally on NOOK...and for only $0.99.  More updates to follow.

Book three -- Prince of the Furies

They congratulate authors for finishing their first book -- although I made mine a two-fer.  What to do for an encore?  Book three, of course.

A series is a risky proposition for obvious reasons, but some of us write not so much for popularity (Ha!) or money (bigger Ha!), but an inane desire to create.  There are worse passions. So another endeavor tossed out for the world to see, and that is a frightening thought, but here we go again. Let the adventure begin...again!

It's on Amazon too, of course, and Kindle in the very near future.  I'll keep you posed.