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Yes, tonight is about a very important number; no not 2013, this is a number dearer to my heart -- 100K. A writer should set goals, and 100,000 words is a heavy one. Some books need not go that far, but Epic Fantasies, well, tend to ignore puny word counts. Does that mean "Prince of the furies" is finished? Not quite, but I'm nearing the climatic end. So, a little ways to go; just a re-write or three, some new maps, a glossary. Sigh. Need I go on?

   Ok, I better acknowledge the other somewhat important event of this evening -- Happy New Year!  A blessed 2013 for those who enjoy my books, or just like the blog (hey, the pics are nice. Right?). To my writers friends out there, happy writing in this year to come. So whatever you do in 2013, do it well!

   To celebrate, Here's another snippet from book threePrince of the Furies (not the finished edit, mind you):

Brenn was most eager. This was his first visit to Idarill. He entered the kitchen that was cleaned of du…

A season for Fantasy

I just had to make an entry here. December has arrived, and I've been holding on to this picture just waiting for a chance to use it. Nature seems to celebrate Christmas its own way...and it is breathtaking. 
Here I sit at 92,500 words, and I'm trying to wrap things up in the next two chapters. Big ending?  Well, not the full-scale war as at the end of Passage, so no, not as big. But better?  Wow, pressures on. I hope so. The edit will offer me a better idea of how to manage lagging parts and such, then you can be the judge. I am ready to give it my best effort -- for some reason, holiday season's past saw a leap in productive writing, and I am excited to hopefully do it again. And since I've collected a bunch of fine winter scenes, here's another for your enjoyment. Happy holidays!