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A snippet of Book three -- "Prince of Furies".

Just a little something from Book Three of the Outcast Alliance series. And yes, I am working on the so far untitled Book Four.
"Then a strange emotion overcame Armond. He felt the blood of something near – something spiteful – and it drew closer. He sensed the demon somewhere in the outer darkness; perhaps they all did. Despite the sweat of his brow, his skin froze with cold. His knuckles turned white, tensing as he pressed the crossbow against his belly. He felt this anger before – in the chambers of Lichencombe. Then came a sound against the secret door. Armond decidedly stood his ground. Only paces away, he waited for what he did not know. The sound of nails upon the framework turned into a groan from the strain against the stonework of the hidden entrance. “Perhaps they wasted too much time blessing Lord-Set’s sword,” he muttered, “could use some extra spell-binding here…” Armond’s words were cut short, as what came as a knock turned into a blast. The door flew open wide. A mas…