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Fantasy for Life

Funny when the story hits a rut, and I let it go to continue forward. But I hate leaving things be. This time I just assumed that part of the story had little meat to gnaw on and let it go to traverse elsewhere. But then inspiration comes along.

Inspiration isn't always a happy thought, an ethereal dream, or divine instruction. This time it comes straight out of the dregs of life. I can't always plan on these things, so sometimes the negative is inspiration enough to guide one through the muck and mire of a story. If I feel unbidden -- how does my character feel?

Then why do I write such a thing as a fantasy series? It's enough to convince someone to read a stand-alone, but a series? My epiphany  -- I do it for the characters. Sounds strange, but I have given life to a group of folk I care about, and I don't want to abandon them now. Their story should be told. Andro Rhine has to mature through pain as well as life's joys. Time for the youngin' to grow.  And n…

Fall Update

40k words, still no title, damn I'm slow.