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Down to the wire

I'm not one to procrastinate...a lot. Writing-wise, I have my pace, and that might be called slow. So when I set a goal, I don't always succeed. But this time I ran with it to the finish with the clock expiring. My goal was to finish my edit this year -- 2013 -- and as of 10:30pm EST, December 31st, I made my goal. The Prince of Furies is done!

Okay, truth be told, I have to rush through two maps (at the most), which should be interesting, if not fun. I can't account for artwork when setting goals, mind you. Then I can finally send this off to be published. My next blog post should be the one telling you when my third book is ready to hit the market. And so many waiting readers will shout for joy...or is that a New Years Eve party going on down the street? But you get the drift.

Happy 2014 everyone!