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Abbarac - one of Baric the Tall’s henchmen.
Accimora – land west of the Sea of Nahron.
Acridon – kingdom in Acrindian.
Acrindian – southern continent across the straights of Bormad. 
Aeron Rhine – Andro’s cousin.
Aiden Rhine – Andro’s older brother.
Ainar River – river in Ainiald that divides Larin.
Ainiald – great central kingdom of Turra Arrither.
Ainurian – anything pertaining to Ainiald.
Aisen Tuara – range of hills in eastern Asenrael.
Alahurg – Knight of Daehronn, Fanael.
Aled – White prelate in southern Fanael.
Allin Whitehurst – a young man and neighbor of Andro’s in Logan. Friends with Aeron Rhine.
Alpenglow – fortress guarding the Huork valley in Nordhiem.
Amar – village north of Rintar in Fanael.
Ambarr – Andro’s horse.
Ambarric – ninth month of the year.
Amrock – mining town in Fanael.
Anavah – the winged messenger of Fawarra.
Andro Rhine – young man from Logan. Unites the friends who make up Greynol’s Alliance.
Anith – Fanael town.
Annicrin – a kingdom in northern Acrindian and its peoples.
Annidar – daughter of Knight Eldamar, Randurm, Fanael.
Annorm – mountain aside the Werithain road in central Fanael.
Anor – present king of Nordhiem.
Antheron – ruins south of Llorky.
Anulrian – prince of Asenrael.
Aram – name of Sahr’s father. Sahr was slain bearing the scroll sent to Greynol.
Archinius – royal guardsman buried at Dagoraust.
Ardule I – a great king of Nordhiem (1482 – 1584ae).
Arhion – town in western Gandol.
Aridurn – Lord 0f Anith, Fanael.
Ariniak – first month of the year.
Arkenoak – Drago’s horse.
Arlleyn Earvan (the Lost East)- ancient lands long since forgotten by those driven west by plague and war.
Armond – a young fighter and apprentice Armorer from Vanyor, in Nordhiem. Son of Baldor.
Arnette Nolhirr – Lordess or Lady of Pharasse, Fanael.
Arniad – Lord of Tuhlet.
Arowen – Greynol’s birthname.
Arragost – King of Bardol.
Arrahurm – “the Wind Realm”. The southern plains of Nordhiem.
Arrindur – grandfather of King Runakhor, Fanael (1565 – 1605ae).
Arrindur II – Prince of Fanael.
Arrither Road – Wilderness road leading from Central Gandol, near Barame, to Southern Bardol.
Arthurn – Lord of Firond, southern Bardol.
Asen Lainar (Sea of Life) – lake in southern Fanael.
Asengard – land beneath the ridge of Asenrael where men once resided.
Asenrael – Kingdom south of Fanael along the coast of the Erion Ocean.
Ashbarhe – barkeep and eldest member of Baric’s company.
Audin Rhine – Andro’s father. A woodworker in Logan.
Ausial – Knight of Rottian, Fanael.

Baey of Ice – at the northern reaches of Noldarin and savage lands of cold.
Bairn – Kuirian Prince of Lokrey.
Baldor – Armond’s father. A master armorer in Vanyor, Nordhiem.
Barame – city in Central Gandol.
Bardol – great kingdom of the central plains. Home to horsemen of notoriety.
Baric the Tall – leader of the Turrar mercenary party from Nordhiem.
Barre Marist – tavern owner in Marist, Northern Gandol.
Barrimir – capital of Bardol.
Barrith – Mihtrir city in Carrinth.
Baugrost – capital of Accimora.
Bayne – first Exarch of Rintar.
Belhour – Holy Exarch and Patriarch of Rintar.
Belma Rhine – Andro’s mother.
Berrin Ocean – mostly frozen sea along the northern coast of Turra Arrither.
Binarra Rivar – river dividing eastern Ainiald and Fanael. Part of the Binarra Vale where Finar lay.
Black Coven – the sorcerers of Urrgath (Turgulant). Lead by Queen Ezzakar and the Raugulon.
Borgan the Black – Lord of Trungard in Nordhiem.
Borinarth – King of Ainiald, from the fifth line (1379 – 1449ae).
Borrin – Kuirian King of Lokrey.
Breden Hall – Andro Rhine’s uncle. The brother of Belma Rhine.
Bredulaun – Leonin’s younger brother.
Brenn Linderfell – A Mihtrir from the village of Honodolch. The eldest member of Greynol’s party at twenty-four.
Brodden – city in Gandol; also, the river that flows south through Gandol to the sea.
Brom – Ernild’s fat henchman at the keep in Finar.
Burguss – Warden of Vanyor.

Cahkos – first King of Fanael (Fawoeral). 774 -849aw.
Callis – White prelate of Finar.
Caron – messenger from Barame.
Carrinth Hills (Carrinth) – Lands of the Mihtrir within Nordhiem.
Carthain – mercenary in Baric’s company/
Cidric – one of the bandits in the Eastwilds.
Contief – Seers’ keep upon the Len Griad in Asenrael.
Corih’ Thair – amethyst jewel hidden in Dagoraust and guarded by the red coven spectre.
Corsey – Lord Chamberlain of Larin.
Corull – knight from Larin whose cousin, Leomund, and he assumed control of Ernild’s keep.
Courser – Rogan’s horse.
Curhoal – Town in Fanael.

Daehronn – fortress in southern Fanael.
Dagoraust – dead city in the East-wilds, where Rogan found the Corih’ Thair.
Dane Ostrom – Randa’s brother from Logan.
Daria – Queen of Fanael.
Dariat – Fauglir’s birth name, and the name of Aliane’s father (Dariat’s grandfather). Greynol Arowen’s son.
Darimeale – Nordhiem’s aged queen.
Darius Ronen – son of the mayor of Logan, Derek Ronen.
Dawahrion – First king of Riccdare.
Derek Ronen – the mayor of Logan.
Dhormal – Lord of Gunkar, in Southern Fanael.
Diegal’s – tavern in Thalon, Nordhiem.
Dinia – Andro’s niece. Daughter of Aiden Rhine.
Dorirael – land north of Asenrael. Part of Fanael.
Drago – he and brother, Zerrin, make up the Kuirian members of Greynol’s Alliance. From Vanyor.
Dorrish – once a forested country south of Fanael along the coast. Claimed by Illutar and called Khuldark.
Dromas – man from Karn in Nordhiem.
Dromurkas – forth month of the year.
Duihirr – Prince of Ainiald.
Durn – Lord of Barame, Gandol.
Durock – mining town in northern Fanael.
Durronduen Sire (D.S.) – the first Farrian age, meaning Gifts of God. The time of the Gifts of Firdom.
Dyrewood – great forest on the western Ainiald/Fanael plain.

East-wilds – wilderness east of Central Gandol.
Eathadur – Lord Exarch and Patriarch of the Temple of Dawn, in Larin.
Edwin Pinehurst – Rogan’s father.
Egenol – realm on the eastern shores of the Sea of Nahron rule by Red Coven wizards.
Eirlon (Battle)- war torn lands between Fanael and Illutar.
Eldalard – first king of Ainiald. Also, Mount Eldalard, home to the twin citadels in Larin.
Ellebeth – Queen of Gandol, now passed on.
Elmurr – Nordhiem town at the southern entrance of the Vanadiums.
Eloin – leader of the Farrian outcasts in Asenrael.
Emeraith – King of Ainiald.
Emeria – Leonin’s mother.
Ermal – Lord/mayor of Finar, on the Ainurian/Fanael border.
Emiarra – the great Spirit of Fawarra.
Equinox – Mountain fortress of Lord-Set in Huork.
Ernild – murderous captain of the keep guard at Finar.
Ertallis – town in eastern Fanael.
Erund the Jackal – a Nordic fighter, from somewhere in Nordhiem.
Ervol – Lord of Rottian, southern Fanael.
Evain – young Farrian boy of the Asenrael outcasts. Son of Eloin.
Ezzakar – dread Queen of Illutar.

Fahrol Mountains – mountain range north of Thalon in Nordhiem.
Fallis – free-lands between Bardol and the Eastwilds. Also call Fallis Hills.
Falliscade – a Farrian Kingdom in eastern of Turra Arrither. The greatest of the Farrian Phullan.
Fanael – great southern kingdom of Turra Arrither.
Fania – Queen of Ainiald.
Farilliare – a hidden race believed to be a lost Farrian tribe (Phullan).
Farria-Sire – ancient Farrian kingdom in Acrindian. 
Fasduen (life-giver)– for followers of the White religion, the Anointed One of Fawarra. Also, the fifth month of the year.
Fauglir – Warlord of Illutar and servant of the Raugulon. Once Greynol’s son, Dariat.
Fawarra – the God of the Farrian race, and White religion.
Fawoeral Mountains – Range in southern Fanael.
Fedor – southern Bardol border guard.
Fehlor – Town in Accimora.
Feldspar (Greylady)- Lady Acolyte of Nordhiem.
Feron – Prelate of Barame.
Finar – mountain village on the Ainurian/Fanael border.
Firond – Town in Southern Bardol.
Foxglove – Gwenalle’s white horse.
Farrian – an ancient race, the High race, and People of the Jewels. Once abided in Farria-Sire, only to be exiled to the North. Guided by the four greatest Jewels of Firdom: Lotherion diamond (Falliscade), Jewels of Forriest (Sindelware), Orisduen (Lanfersi), and Rindurron (Asenrael).

Gafar – son of Northon from Vanyor. Rides in Baric the Tall’s company and befriends the Alliance.
Gairinrule – Leonin’s silver-maned horse.
Galin – prince and beloved nephew of King Raeletin of Gandol.
Gandol – great kingdom in central Turra Arrither.
Gare – seventh month of the year.
Garelonnia – Nordic goddess of nature.
Garol – son of Harond, lord of Vahar, Nordhiem.
Gerimal – stable owner in Southern Bardol.
Ghorammar – great fortress of Ninterat ruled by the Lord Raugulon.
Gianod – first King of Llorky, a southern Kuirian ruin.
Gonar – savages roaming northern Turra Arrither.
Goruln – son of Mighty Turrult of Karn Nordic fame.
Gregory – renowned King of Gandol. Claimed Northern Gandol by befriending Lanfersian Farrian, whom were concerned by the growing nation of Nordhiem. (1308 – 1333ae)
Greynol – acolyte from Vanyor. Arowen is his birth name.
Grivare – acolyte living at Bayne House in Rintar, Fanael.
Grunthagamor – Prince of the Furies whose home is Lichencombe in the Vanadium Mountains.
Gunkar – city in southern Fanael.
Gwenalle – daughter of Khadurn, Lord-Knight of Rintar.
Gurnst – Baric the Tall’s bloated henchman.

Haldirum – guard with withered hand from Huork.
Hall – town in Northern Gandol, northwest of Lake Logan.
Halphun – the once King of Asenrael.
Hamish – courtier to the royal court of Rintar.
Hare’dare – land of great forest, mountains, and cold. Said home of a giant race called the Mugdosh.
Haren Woodhurst – neighbor of Andro Rhine in Logan.
Harond – Lord of Vahar, Nordhiem.
Harifin Tardane– friend of Greynol. Lives on the Arrither Road, Central Gandol.
Hawe – Nordhiem’s god of war. Also, the eighth month of the year.
Hawthorn – town in Gandol.
Hawthorne – acolyte in Larin. Known for his famous Dark Garden.
Heimorn – southernmost bridge in Fanael highlands. Built by Kuirian.
Helmlorn – twelfth month of the year. Also, name of a Nordic goddess.
Heriton – first name of Barame in Gandol.
Hianorr – plain along the coast of Fanael.
Honodolch – village in Carrinth Hills. Brenn’s birthplace.
Huork – city-state in western Nordhiem. Its Lord is the accursed Turrar-Set.

Idarill – Greynol’s home in Vanyor foothills. Also the name of its founder.
Idom – Rhenn’s father, from Vanyor.
Illutar – kingdom of Queen Ezzakar. A land of harsh men and Drukon.
Irudian – infamous King of Ainiald. (1223 – 1274aw)
Ithaer – scoundrel of Baric the Tall’s company.

Janna – woman captain of the Bardol border guard.
Jardin – White Prelate of Siwar, Ainiald.
Jarvis – man from Acrindian found on Mount Uldenhas.
Jascha – Farrian guardian of Marija in Fallis.
Jauron – Black prelate and lord of Rintar.

Kalia – Turrult’s Nordic wife. Mount Kalia in western Vanadium’s named in her honor.
Kalwin – Kuirian King of Riccdare.
Kant – one of the southern Bardol border guard.
Karindum – greatest mountain in Turra Arrither. Located in the Vainor range in Fanael.
Karn – village in western Nordhiem.
Katliff – White prelate of Barrimir, Bardol.
Kenda – exiled Greylady from Rottian in southern Fanael.
Khadurn – Lord-captain and Knight of Rintar. Also, his son, the Knight of Daehronn.
Khuldark – a heavy forest kingdom of darkness, taken by Illutar. Once a fair land called Dorrish.
Koroth Plains (Kahrihiem) – long settled northern realm upon the frozen plateaus of central Turra Arrither.
Kortan – slain messenger of Lord-Set.
Krollen – one of Baric the Tall’s henchmen.
Krown – third month of the year.
Kuirian – a race of Mihtrir spread throughout Turra Arrither. Known for their mining, building, and intricate skills.
Kullirn – greyhood of Barrith, Nordhiem.

Laichenrowe – hidden race of Farrian living in the East-wilds.
Laliarn – Lady of Lanfersi.
Lanfersi Forest – forest of the Farrian blessed by the Orisduen Jewel.
Larin – capital city of Ainiald.
Larin – capital of Ainiald.
Len Griad – lake beneath the High-seat in Asenrael.
Lena – Harrifin’s deceased wife.
Leomund – knight of Rintar who assumed leadership of Ernild’s keep after his overthrow. Cousin is knight Corull of Larin.
Leonin – the lone Farrian in Greynol’s Alliance. From the Lanfersi.
Lern – town in Ainiald.
Lernahurn – the Farrian name of Northern Gandol.
Lichencombe – Grunthagamor’s stronghold in Mount Uldenhaus.
Livaran – Exarch in Larin.
Llorky – ancient ruined fortress of the Kuirian in southern Fanael.
Logan – city in northern Gandol.
Lokrey – Kuirian fortress in southern Fanael.
Lora – daughter of Lord Corsey in Larin.
Luam the White – High Knight of Larin.
Lullia – Leonin’s grandmother.
Lyenarra – eastern town of Fanael.
Lyle – capital city of Gandol.

Mabon – past ritualistic name of Mount Equinox in Huork.
Maia-Set – Lady and daughter of Lord-Set in Huork.
Marija – holy girl living in Nye of Fallis.
Marist – village upon the crossroads between Logan and Ronen in Northern Gandol.
Maurosk – cavalry knight in Rintar.
Maxius – an acolyte and founder of Idarill House in Fanael.
Merthanir – renowned King of Ainiald (1128 – 1230aw). Also name of the House on Mount Eldalard.
Mervonel – Kingdom in Acrindian.
Miarra – Princess of Fanael.
Mihtrir – the oldest race of Turra Arrither. Known for their farming and simple living.
Mirith – town in Fanael before the southern highlands.
Molly Rhine – Andro-s sister-in-law. Aiden’s wife.
Morel – mayor of Curhoal.
Morigad – knight in Gunkar.
Muan Sarn (the Mountain Stair) – mighty river separating Ainiald and Fanael in the west as it runs to the sea.

Nahron Sea – great sea locked in central Turra Arrither.
Narm – one of the East-wild bandits.
Netras – young woman fighter from Karn, serving Turran-Set.
Nevander Hall – first Annicrin to settle in the Lernahurn. Became the first mayor of Hall in the 13th century.
Neville – brownhood at Larin.
Ninterat – evil kingdom ruled by the Lord Raugulon. Not a land of men.
Noldarin – kingdom upon the northern plain of Turra Arrither. Also the name of its capital.
Nordhiem – great kingdom of the North. Founded by eastern men from Noldarin around 1250a.e..
Nurim – prelate of Daehronn.
Nye – village in southern Fallis. Marija’s home.

Oanirvar – first of the three Kuirian built bridges in Fanael highland.
Olarius – ancient king slain and entombed at Dagoraust.
Olaff – marquis of Lyle in Gandol.
Ondolowne – Exarch residing in Larin. Exarch of the Acolytes.
Orind – fighter from Vahar whom Armond’s befriends at the Tournament.
Oriscane – Temple of the Dawn in Rintar.
Orist – “Sun Gift”. The third most powerful jewel of Firdom found by Farrian sojourners who settled in the Lanfersi Forest.
Oron – prelate who ride with the Prince of Rintar.
Ouracurs – the cursed sword of Lord-Set in Huork.

Pallias Hill – “Guardian Hill”. Knoll that cradles the Tree of Orisduen in the Lanfersi.
Parrin – Lord of Mirith in Fanael.
Pharasse – city in central Fanael.
Pirond – Lord of Siwar in Ainiald.
Paul Silverash – new prelate of Idarill.

Qoppa (Koppa) – hamlet in western Huork.
Quoraine – exarch residing in Larin, Ainiald – mostly.

Rachel – Andro’s niece. Aiden and Molly’s daughter.
Rahdurn – Khadurn’s second son. A knight of Rintar.
Ralarian – Lord of Lanfersi.
Ralderoln – fortress ruins in Eirlon.
Randa Ostrom – Lives in Logan, dates Darius Ronen (the mayor’s son), and has Andro’s heart.
Randurm – fortress in southern Fanael.
Raynor Lolle – governor of Ristle in central Gandol.
Reissing (Strongarm) – second-in-command in Baric the Tall’s company. From Thalon.
Renin – Leonin’s father.
Rhavian – second of the highland bridges in Fanael highland.
Rhen – Greynol’s boy retainer from Vanyor.
Rilgirand – second King of Ainiald. The bridge to the Ainurian citadel.
Rindurron (the Sacred Heart) – once the great jewel of the Asenrael Phullan of Farrian. Now in the possession of the Lord Raugulon, and its shard is bore by Leonin.
Rintar – capital of Fanael.
Ristle – city in central Gandol.
Rivar – town in eastern Ainiald.
Roallin – crossroads town in northern Ainiald.
Roallin – gateway city in northern Ainiald.
Rogan Pinehurst – youngest member of Greynol’s Alliance from Logan.
Rohbir – castle in Thalon.
Ronen – town in western Northern Gandol.
Rontenn – tenth month of the year. First name of the evil ruler of Ninterat and Ghorammar.
Roth (Rorriahiem) – mighty kingdom of warriors, both Nordic and Kuirian. Known enemy of Egenol.
Rottian – Fanael city on the shores of Asen Lainar.
Rousk – Nordic city-state at the beginning of the great northern plains.
Ruar – city in Noldarin.
Rulle – member of Baric the Tall’s Thalon company.
Runakhor – King of Fanael.

Sahr – Gunkar man slain on road through southern Fanael. Scroll hung from a fell sword where he lay, addressed to Greynol Arowen.
Sarah Greenleaf – Andro and Rogan’s neighbor and friend.
Sarienn – sorceress and daughter of Sarrion, Lord of Egenol.
Sarrion – Red Coven Lord, Egenol.
Segan – Rhen’s father.
Seviarvad – Wizard of Dagoraust.
Shordairn – kingdom in Acrindian.
Shorigore – past king of Fanael and father of Runakhor, present king.
Siwar – town in Ainiald.
Sorriegn-Aln – one of the earliest kingdoms of the West. An ally of the Falliscade and its Farrian people. Enemy of Egenol.
Sparrowdale – town in Fanael.
Stephen – prelate of Hall.
Suor – Exarch in Rintar.

Takar – captain of the guard at Rousk, Nordhiem.
Teonirr – fighter of renown from Vanyor.
Tanna – woman leader of the Bardol border guard.
Tark – Ernild’s second-in-command who escaped justice in the wilderness east of Finar.
Tarkhair – Armond’s short sword.
Thairidain (the Watcher) – once a companion of Greynol Arowen, he traveled with Virman after stealing the seal from Greynol’s dread scroll.
Thalon – capital of Nordhiem. Also, the first King of Nordhiem.
Thane – one of the Bardol border guard.
Thariok – legendary first King of Waulhern. (1st century)
Tharsh – coastal Fawoeran (Fanael) village and furthest south until Asenrael.
Thonn Mountains – mountain range in southeast Earlon and home to Kuirian.
Tier – village in Earlon since overrun. Once the home of Arowen and Aliane.
Tollerosse – great Kuirian King of Riccdare, renown for seeking vengeance on the fall of Llorkey. Took an army in a futile attempt to retake the fortress. (1250 – 1338ae)
Torisil – captain of the bridge guard at Larin.
Triple Peak – greatest mountains of all Turra Arrither. In the Vainor range in central Fanael. Mounts Karindum, Deris, and Altan.
Trungard – northernmost town in Nordhiem.
Tuirowe (Timlet) Islands – shrouded island with mighty peaks across the straights from Farria-Sire. Once thought the birthplace of the Fasduen (White) religion. Inaccessible now.
Tullan (Gulf of) – deep inlet separating Ainiald and Gandol.
Tullin – daughter of Turrult. Mount Tullin in western Vanadium’s named in her honor.
Turra Arrither (the Wayward Lands) – the continent of the West. The last known lands – settled by folks from the East (Arlleyn Earvan) and South (Acrindian).
Turramirtal – second month of the year. Nordic god of the northern sky.
Turran-Set – son of Turrar and called Steward of Huork.
Turrar-Set – accursed Lord of Huork. His wound covers half his body, administered by demon Grunthagamor’s touch.
Turraray – greatest fighter in Nordhiem. Has won five golden feathers in a row at Tournament. Hails from Trungard.
Turrult (the Mighty) – hailed from Karn. Thought the greatest Nordic fighter whom ever lived.

Ubar – one of the bandits of the Eastwilds.
Ulan – mountain bordering Vanyor.
Ulla – Minotaur of the Duarhurm. Befriended the Alliance.
Ulran – a Bardol border guard.
Ursul – Lord of Rousk, Nordhiem.

Vahar – Nordhiem’s easternmost city.
Vainor Range – mountains in western Fanael.
Vanadium Mountains – great mountain range of Nordhiem.
Vanyor – strong city of northern Nordhiem.
Vesgar – Lord of Vanyor.
Virman – Thairidain’s companion. An assassin from the Khuldark.
Volmer – Lord-Set’s captain in Huork.

Wairelon – a kingdom in Acrindian.
Walruile – patrician of Karn. Head of council and Netras’ father.
Waulhern – ancient kingdom in eastern Turra Arrither. Elder of the Nordic race.
Welnor – High prelate of Lyle.
Werithain road – highroad from Larin to Rintar.
Wetherton – an Acolyte in Thalon, Nordhiem. Greynol’s friend.
Winifred – Khadurn’s deceased wife. Gwenalle’s mother.
Worthan – Lord of Roallin in Ainiald.

Yadarrana – the eleventh month of the northern calendar.
Yaslich – captain of Turrult’s keep on the western border of Nordhiem.

Zerrin – Drago’s brother and a Kuirian from Vanyor. Member of Greynol’s Alliance.


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