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Chapter Nine in a few words

Just a snippet before I get into more important matters (but poor Andro):

Afterward, they were promptly escorted outside where the party crowd wondered what had transpired. Sarah was happy to explain the situation with Rogan rolling his eyes when she said something a little too trite. Andro found an opportunity to duck aside, and with scroll tucked in his pocket made way for the road. He was prepared to head home when he was called from behind. “Andro, are you leaving so soon?” Randa’s question stopped him in his tracks. She was alone. “Umm, well, I don’t like keeping such a valued letter outside to get ale spilled on it,” he replied, unsure how to respond. “But you usually say goodbye.” “Sorry Randa, I seldom feel myself these days. I must have forgotten.” She got no closer, but at least her eyes shone slight compassion. “You keep to yourself more and more. Now with Rogan and Sarah’s engagement, well…” “What?” “You seem lonely.” Andro blushed at being exposed by one he held so clos…