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Is this magic?

Strange it seems, like this seemingly endless winter, all things must come to an end. As I sit here tonight still 'typing for two' (see last post), I realize both my third edition of the Alliance Series and my Short Story, Shag Rocks, are headed to their respective crescendos. Odd to have two endings plowing ahead at once.

    My advice for writers in such an odd situation is this -- compartmentalization (another older post, as I recall). Being able to switch gears is important, and focusing on the job at hand. If you write in spurts, like I often do, switching between two stories can be invigorating. But in doing this comes a possible distraction to detail. What I mean to say is, some details may be lost, forgotten, or misplaced; so a healthy edit-check, and soon after, is highly recommended.

     Hope I made sense this late March midnight. (March Madness anyone?)  I believe when inspiration comes, even if you are bogged down in the middle of another story, you should wr…

Another Vista

Still at it. Chapter twenty is nearing its end, with two chapters left to go (hopefully). Why not up the ante? Looking at a map of the world the other day made my curiosity wandered to far off places. One location in particular drew my attention. Then a story came to mind. So yes, I'm writing for two now. I can't say it's cutting into Prince of the Furies time, since the next venture will be less demanding.
I won't give details, but it will be a short story, and probably free. And it's not a Fantasy! That has made things interesting indeed. I'm a couple thousand words in -- not a big deal -- and a few thousand more should do it. I know, most writers start with short stories before the long ones (epics in my case), but I was never geared that way. I just don't think of fantasy in short terms. So now ideas have come to mind; there's a second story sitting on the back-burner too, and it's even more domestic than the latest one. With luck, it will soon g…