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Yes, I pulled out the Latin; and after much angst and delay, the glossary is done!  Actually, it stands as a living document I will update from time to time (or book to book). Take a look at the tab section at the top of my blog and see what all the fuss was about. Lots of stuff there, and I could have entered much more - but it is enough that I have enshrined myself in the geekdom Hall of Fame in doing so.  Hey, I could have worse hobbies (like fantasy football...ick).

    I will stuff the glossary in the back of book three - still in the editing process - and possibly in book two, if I can figure out which files to edit.  With that and a one or two maps to go, I am still aiming at a december release for Prince of the Furies, and free giveaways of Passage of the Acolyte, Book One (Kindle, at least) before that.  Keep you posted!