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My Pages! Beginnings...or Chapter One.

The blog is evolving. As I learn, and there is so much to learn,  my attempt is to peak interest in my storytelling. Up until now I just put links here and there, but now I have seperate Pages (above) to show things like Maps and Reviews.

Beginnings is Chapter One in one piece.  The Createspace sample was ugly and hard to read. On the blog it looks kinda nice.  Passage of the Acolyte, I will admit, is a patient read; but not obnoxiously long-winded or boring. You be the judge. Once you find yourself settled, the ride may be a pleasant one.  Check it out and see for yourself. (go it)

Almost 500 blog visits

Lets get a move on it people!  Kidding.  And thank you everyone for checking out my blog and books. It is the fruit of years of labor, and a lot of heart.  I didn't take lightly that this "story" was going to be looked at by others.  It's not perfect, and the writing is what it is...but what I was trying to accomplish, and still am, is that overall feeling I got from Tolkien's "Middle Earth".

Here's a snippet, the beginning of Passage of the Acolyte, for those whom haven't read it:

(Book one is on sale now through kindle, so if you have a Kindle reader and a dollar, take advantage of it)

My first review. Wow, these can be scary...

4.0 out of 5 starsQuite good book by new fantasy author, March 15, 2011 By  Wulfstan "wulfstan" (San Jose, CA United States) - See all my reviews
(TOP 500 REVIEWER)(VINE VOICE) This review is from: Passage of the Acolyte: part one (Volume 1) (Paperback) James Vargo has a very good start here to his planned epic fantasy two-volume series. This is the story of Greynol an "Acolyte" (a sort of holy man). Greynol has lived for decades in a quite life of contemplative retirement when he is pulled back into the real world by a dark secret from his past- one that may have dire consequences for the world.

The Acolyte thus must gather a small group of escorts for his quest across the continent, and ends up with a group of eager young men.

In many ways, I found the tale so far quite evocative of The Fellowship of the Ring. Don't get me wrong, there's no attempt to copy LotR ( no hobbits, etc), and it's not up to Tolkien's writing level (who is?), but still, there i…


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