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A time to look back

Getting into that time of year when the days lengthen and our bones warm in the sunshine delight. That's the time to crawl out of our winter doldrums and hit the road -- or air, rails, water -- whatever you favor. But in writing, you are never out of season.

"Prince of the Furies" stands at nearly 70,000 words -- with much time recently spent on revising. (And no, I don't always wait until the end to revise)  I had a new character to flesh out and went back a ways to make changes to the story. I'm sure she appreciates the efforts.

I am building things up now, laying new foundations, darker trails ahead. One challenge rises as another subsides. Face it, Fantasy is a fun read, and just as fun to write. I realize I should be further along, but it is far more polished than earlier writings at this point. (books one and two)  I also hope to put more excerpts out there, and here's a wish for a few more Kindle/Nook sales. (thank you, England!)  The future is near, so …