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Book Four - a snippet

Andro Rhine waited upon the docks that lined Logan’s lakefront. A cold autumn breeze picked up across the waters and blew in his face – his look was miserable. His father stepped out from a nearby goods store, but never looked up from the token he held in his hand.
“Son, see here,” said Audin in an odd manner. “I’ve never beheld the likes of one of these.”
“What is it?”
“A Mervonel coin. Imagine that – all the way from Acrindian.”
Andro glanced it over in his father’s waiting hand. Upon one side was a sea serpent in an ever-consuming circle; and upon the opposite side, a profile of a shorthaired man. At the bottom was scribed the words – Emp. Ràcnar. “Whose face is that? We have no emperor in Turra Arrither. Who would carry a coin like this to Logan?” he asked.
“Gandol is a mixing place now – all kinds of folk coming in, especially with Fort Gregory underway.”
Andro glowered all the more. “Don’t remind me. And now to make things worse – here comes the mayor’s boat from Hall. Why doesn’t he take a carriage like everyone else?”
“Perhaps he is mayor also of the lake,” quipped Audin.
“I believe a certain` Lanfersian council would have something to say about that.”
“Indeed. Now pipe down, they are near…”

Derek Ronen hastily exited the boat, which was manned by several others whom took down the sails. His son, Darius followed at his heal.
“Mornin’ Mayor, Mornin’ Darius,” exclaimed Audin, to Andro’s displeasure. He only wished for them to go away. Audin made it worse.
“Ever see one of these?” he asked with strange pride.
The mayor paused in obligatory, if not annoyed fashion. “Have I ever seen what, Mister Rhine?”
“A Mervonel coin,” he answered, holding it high as the silver of its shine glimmered in the late morning sun. “Merchant Woldberry sold it to me. It comes a long way to get here.”
“Enjoy it then, Audin. Put it with whatever else fascinates you,” he replied, just above being rude. “In Lyle such things are commonplace.”
This time Andro interjected his opinion. “Better that we stay unique right here in the Lernahurn. Seems those who lose their traditions, lose everything.” The mayor gave him small regard, unlike Darius at his back, who scowled.
Northern Gandol may be unique, but we are not fools either,” snapped Darius.
“My son is correct, young Andro,” replied Mayor Derek. He knew every name in Logan, it seemed. “You most of all should understand and respect far away places…traveler that you are. Most hold tradition by becoming great – great in the world means change.”
“Greatness comes from heroes – like common folk,” returned Andro, no less bold.
Mayor Derek had heard enough. “Good day, Audin and Andro.”
“And a good day to you, mayor,” returned Audin. “I hope those across the water helped you with your dilemma.”
The mayor paused again; his patient tried.
“What dilemma do you speak of now?” he asked in a mumble.
“Dissention…right here in Logan.”
Audin smiled, happy he made the mayor stop in his tracks again... 

An Update:  working on page 118.


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