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What's in a name?

Winter Castle
A much-awaited update:

The timeline for getting book four done before the new year is on track. One edit is finished. The second edit is also complete thanks to some very helpful writing software (Grammarly, if you're curious). Now comes the final edit, and I am currently several chapters in....give or take a few pages. Needless to say, I am happy how everything is coming along; and more importantly, how the story is progressing.

Now a bigger announcement: I've changed the name. I have my reasons, but I wanted something a bit more accessible and curious. Drum roll please -- The Lords of Wintertide. So now the fourth installment of the Outcast Alliance series is coming close to fruition. I even have the cover ready to go so it will be an easy transition.

Ok, so now I have some writing software to push me along -- the previously noted Grammarly and organizer extraordinaire, Scrivener. These will certainly help me in the future. But what about the past? I have decided on something I wanted to do all along but wasn't sure when I could do it. You see, people ask me all the time why I don't market my books, or at least try to garner more sales? I worked hard at it when Passage of the Acolyte first came out, but I knew in my heart, they weren't quite finished works. The story for each book is complete, but the final polish wasn't there. Self-publishing is wonderful for the amateur writer, and many of us cannot afford professional help. It's a hotly contested topic I won't go into here. I tried the submission route to book publishers early on but was going nowhere after a multitude of rejections.

So self-publishing it was. Since I have a budget of basically, zero, I did everything I could on the cheap -- hopefully without sacrificing quality. I publish on Amazon's Createspace, and have no complaints --  they easily transition over to Kindle, and most everything is free! So now with my recent updates, I plan on going backward once Lords of Wintertide is published and out. I think I can manage a final edit of the first three books in relatively short order, and secondly, redo the cover (not so much the artwork) to get some congruity in the series. The books all have different looks as it stands.

So the first three books will be closing up shop in December only to re-emerge as a better set of Revision-Two's! Not that I am trying to make original purchasers buy them over --  that's probably unnecessary since I am not changing the story, just the mistakes. This is for future readers...and less cringing at editing errors. Happy reading!


James Vargo said…
Update. Did I say easy transition? Formatting issues are killing me. It's so close but until I figure out my pagination problem I'll just keep on trying. The book is done btw. Did Tolkien have these problems?

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